The San Juan Inn is a full service resort offering many amenities to assure a comfortable visit in a remote desert of the United States.


Many great patios to relax on…
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A fully stocked trading post and convenience store with traditional navajo arts and crafts, food/groceries, and beer, and souvenirs.

Curios, Arts, Crafts, Souvenirs, Food, Groceries and Supplies


Exercise Room
We have a quaint exercise room with just about everything you’d need to get a good workout in before you hop back on the road. For those hot summer days, or cold winter mornings it’s a great option to burn some extra calories and keep your ticker in tip top shape in the comfort of an air conditioned or a heated space. Include isa treadmill, stationary bike, and weight machines. Its not state of the art but it gets the job done.

ASCII Kolor stitching | 4 pictures | Size: 10177 x 3300 | FOV: 110.19 x 48.52 ~ -9.14 | RMS: 2.98 | Lens: Standard | Projection: Planar | Color: LDR |