Bears Ears National Monument

Bears Ears encompasses the Valley of the Gods, Cedar Mesa, Muley Point, Moki Dugway, Natural Bridges National Monument, Comb Ridge and a handful of many hidden gems we don’t dare mention here(for fear they’ll be overwhelmed by crowds). With all of these phenomenal geological features protected by the establishment of the new presidential proclamation we are thrilled that the global tourism will only become more attractive.  For the last forty years these areas were considered remote and had very few visitors, which is what made them and still make them special today. With much controversy and publicity and now many thousands if not millions more people aware of this area we can’t help but welcome the new designation with a little bit of caution. It is necessary to protect these earthly treasures from overuse and industrious scarring so that our global visitors can experience Utah, and America the same way we have for the last 60 years, with pristine views horizon to horizon. We’re excited to see the protection taking place formally, and hope to maintain the unadulterated, and undeveloped landscape of the west.  Thank you to the administration and President Obama for the foresight to protect the land that is sacred and recognize that the tourism industry is more abundant and long lived than oil.

Here is an informative video by Patagonia and the Friends of Bears Ears with a thorough explanation of the threats the area was up against without protection. Excellent work by everybody involved in raising awareness of the issue. As a motel / hotel near Bears Ears we’re thankful our visitors will have these treasures for years to come.

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